Human Biodiversity (HBD)

"Human Biodiversity" is a pseudoscience invented by racist marketing guy Steve Sailer

According to Forward:

"Human biodiversity" appropriates scientific authority by posing as an empirical, rational discourse on the genetically proven physical and mental variation between humans. It uses the language of genetics to underscore, for example, the prevalence of Mongolians in sumo wrestling, the IQ scores of black people or the inbreeding patterns of Ashkenazi Jews. The refrain of HBD bloggers and forum commenters is that the (gene-driven, according to them) dissimilarities they outline are "non-negligible" or "non-trivial" and have, accordingly, social policy implications. Though it has a rational, policy-wonk zing to it, that's just Internet forum-ese for "you're genetically distinct from us and should be treated differently."

Recently, the conservative "journalist" Milo Yiannopoulos boosted awareness of the HBD proponents when he name-checked a couple of HBD gurus in his article "An Establishment Conservative's Guide to the Alt-Right." He brought the term human biodiversity - coined by Steve Sailer in the mid-90s - to a wider audience. Sailer, a blogger for several conservative websites with racial preoccupations, including Taki's Magazine, the Unz Review and, has said of human biodiversity (in an interview with the H.L. Mencken Club, one of 40 hate groups in Pennsylvania) that it's both a field of study and a political movement, because it has to "fight for its right to exist."

The domain used to be owned by Sailer and he used it for his The Human Biodiversity Institute founded in 1999. His home address was used for the "Institute."

Sailer had a Roster of Human Biodiversity Discussion Group Members on AOL. A sortable Google Sheets version of the Roster is available online here.

Human biodiversity is basically a subset of Sociobiology, a "research strategy" championed by the racist E. O. Wilson. Other variations on sociobiology are:

According to anthropologist Jonathan Marks, he invented the term "human biodiversity" and then it was stolen by racists.

This domain, is now owned by Pinkerite.